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Raising Athletes of Character

  Tom was sitting on the couch watching the evening news when his 13yr old son came racing down the stairs with a huge smile on his face. “Dad, look.” Nick handed his dad his report card and Tom began to smile as he read it from top to bottom. Nick had received all A’s […]

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Teachable Moments in Sports

I have a nephew who is three and is getting his feet wet, so to speak playing soccer. During one of his games, a teammate hit him on the head. The coaches did not see this, but my nephew’s dad did. My nephew begins to cry and so his dad calls him over to the […]

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Out of Control Athletes – Attitude Is a Choice

As I sit here and type this blog images of athletes’ names are running through my head. I can recall listening to their stories on ESPN, CNN, ABC, NBC and various other networks. I, like many of you, am tired of hearing about athletes losing their cool against women, children and other innocent citizens. Many […]

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