Meet TJ

T.J. Tyus is a passionate motivator, educator, personal trainer, and author. He delivers high energy messages that encourage people to tap into the power within them to fulfill their purpose in life. T.J. Tyus is a former High School, Collegiate and Professional Athlete who has learned what it feels like to fall from glory after having been charged with a felony crime his Junior year of college and accused of murder his Senior Year at Central Michigan University. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Health Fitness and minor in Athletic Coaching.

T.J. Tyus subsequently signed a contract with the Ottawa Renegades of the Canadian Football League but was never able to play due to the Ottawa Renegade Organization going defunct. After losing his professional contract with the Ottawa Renegades, T.J. played a few years in the Indoor Football League before accepting the call to the ministry and went on to obtain a Masters of Divinity from Liberty University. Over the past 6 years, he has studied under the tutelage of Eric Thomas as an Assistant Pastor and Motivational Speaker. T.J. has worked at Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility as a Program Coordinator and has himself been inspired by the inmates he’s worked with through the workshops he’s created and implemented in the prison system. T.J. has worked tirelessly with inmates and troubled youth to develop their pro-social skills.

In 2003, T.J. Tyus married his High School sweetheart Vylissa Tyus and they now have three beautiful boys together. T.J. is a devoted father who spends quality time with his boys trying to instill the essential core values he has learned throughout his life. It is T.J.’s desire to help young men and women realize the power they were born with that lies dormant inside of them. It is important that we not only realize the power we have but that we tap into it. T.J. has dedicated his life towards reaching and teaching everyone who’s willing to listen to the potential they have to change the world.


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