Mental Performance Academy

Have you ever felt like your child could produce greater results if they knew how to control their thoughts?

There’s no shame in admitting that your son and daughter could excel at a higher level if they mastered their mindset.Let’s face it: It’s difficult to get them the training to make them faster, stronger, quicker and still have time to develop their mindset.You want to give your children the best. However, if you’re not developing their mindset, you’re not giving them the most important aspect of being an elite athlete.

It’s time to take action.

A Student Athlete In Control Of Their Emotions That Excels In the Field of Play, The Classroom And In The Community . . .

But I know what you’re thinking. My son and daughter don’t get in trouble in school. They do their homework and never talk back to their coaches. My kids are good kids. And I believe all that is true about your children. But, Mental Performance Academy isn’t a rehabilitation academy for kids. It’s a preventive academy where we equip your student athlete with the mental tools to make decisions to set themselves up for success and not failure.

I was never a trouble maker in High School. College was a much different story. I lacked the mental performance tools needed to navigate the ups and downs that come with playing college sports. I struggled with my self-esteem and my identity as a young man. I became a follower and started to make poor decisions that eventually landed me in jail around the exact same time I was in the top 20 defensive players in the nation in tackles. I was excelling athletically, but falling apart mentally. A year later when I received my draft stock grade, there was an asterisk next to my name. I was labeled a Character Risk. Mental Performance Academy will help your son and daughter develop an elite mindset that produces the type of character that’s an asset to their team.

Here’s What Your Investing In

Your son and daughter will go through an 8-module program with me where we will meet 1x per week via zoom. These 8 modules contain everything they need to build a solid foundation for an elite mindset.

Module Subject
Module 01 Confidence & Self Belief
Module 02 Motivation & Commitment
Module 03 Focus & Awareness
Module 04 Self Control & Discipline
Module 05 Process over Outcome
Module 06 Mental Imagery
Module 07 Time Management
Module 08 Circle of Influence

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