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Education without character development is not education at all. Tyus Training Institute is committed to helping you instill character development principles in young men and women that will help them successfully navigate the rigors of everyday life.


Competitive Stamina

High Schools, Universities, and Organizations book T.J. to speak because of his passion and ability to awaken the greatness in his audience. His Competitive Stamina presentation will ignite greatness and teach everyone how to outlast failure. This presentation is designed to help them navigate the ups and downs of chasing greatness. T.J. believes that failure is only for those that quit and that quitting is never an option. Most people can stay motivated when everything's going well, but this presentation will teach them how to produce at a high level despite the circumstances. If your team(s), students, or staff are experiencing burnout or lack consistent passion, the Competitive Stamina presentation is for you.

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