Teachable Moments in Sports

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I have a nephew who is three and is getting his feet wet, so to speak playing soccer.
During one of his games, a teammate hit him on the head. The coaches did not see
this, but my nephew’s dad did. My nephew begins to cry and so his dad calls him
over to the bleachers. My nephew said,” dad that boy hit me on my head
and I am going to hit him back”.
Well now my brother sees a teachable moment, and his reply to my nephew was, “son
it wouldn’t be right or nice to hit your teammate back.” He then tells his son to stay on the bleachers and that he would be right back. My brother goes over to the coach and lets him know that the teammate was hitting during the game.
Now, I know there is no way of knowing if the coach will do anything about the young boy hitting, but it was a great teachable moment for my nephew. However, the teachable moment could not have taken place had my brother not been present physically and mentally. We need more parents’ present at the game; not caught up in wins and losses, but focusing on those teachable moments that enviably shape a child’s life.
Are we present in our children’s life, both physically and mentally?
Are we seeing the teachable moments and applying them?
Do our children see us applying patience, respect, kindness and love to others?