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Fear Not

Sending a son or daughter to college is probably one of the most nerve wrecking experiences that a parent can have. Most parents’ have never been apart from their child for more than a few days or maybe a week. Sure, some kids go on camps while in middle school and/or high school, but they’re […]

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Focus on the journey, not the glory

I have been training my three boys since they were 7yrs old. Their main sports are football, basketball and track. They have played other sports too, but those are the three sports they love the most. Track however is probably their least favorite of the three. There have been years when they told me that […]

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Who is it For?

Most parents like to see their children succeed. It doesn’t matter if it’s in sports, academia, music, and dance or in some other way. A child’s success gives the parent a since of pride that most parents’ haven’t experienced since they were children. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your child. It’s actually very […]

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Handling Sports Pressure and Competition

Without a doubt we’ve all had to perform under some level of pressure before. Some of us perform well under pressure and some of us don’t. I think I did pretty well under pressure when I competed in football, track and wrestling as a kid. However, I have to be honest and admit that I […]

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