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What Did You Win?

Throughout my 35yrs on this earth I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a major emphasis placed on winning. You probably assume I’m just talking about sports, but I’m talking about so much more than sports. Winning is emphasized in schools, jobs and even between groups of friends. You can’t turn on the T.V. […]

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Athletes of Influence?

There has been much debate throughout the years about what athletes owe their fans. Some believe that athletes just provide mere entertainment, but others believe that athletes are role models. A role model is a person who is looked up to by others as someone to be imitated. There may have been a time when […]

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Youth Sports – How Much is Too Much?

Early last week I came across a story about a high school football player that wanted to improve his football skills. My immediate thoughts were good for him taking the initiative. I understand the mindset that he had because I had it as an athlete. This football player got what he thought was the best […]

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Mama’s Boy

On Mother’s day, I saw a article in the newspaper titled “Mama’s Boy”, which caught my attention. Sometimes you hear a single word, or question that automatically gives you food for thought. That’s what happened to Rashan Gary’s mother . Rashan Gary is the class of 2016’s No. 1 Football recruit in the nation. When […]

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