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One of Those Guys

Penn State football kicker Joey Julius was absent from his team during spring football of 2016 and throughout the summer. Many people didn’t know why he was absent from the team and initially Julius was apprehensive to say why. Now, however Julius has come forward and stated that he was absent from the team because […]

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Athletes of Influence?

There has been much debate throughout the years about what athletes owe their fans. Some believe that athletes just provide mere entertainment, but others believe that athletes are role models. A role model is a person who is looked up to by others as someone to be imitated. There may have been a time when […]

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Are We To Blame?

Almost everyone who has ever watch football knows without a doubt who Johnny Manziel is. You might even know him better as “Johnny Football.” Johnny Football was the No. 22 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft and has already been cut by the Cleveland Browns who at one point in time thought he would […]

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