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The Advantage

Everyone is born with a certain level of athletic ability. There are however some who have never played sports and never truly realized their level of athletic ability. I fell in love with sports at a very young age and was very fortunate to be born with a considerable amount of athletic ability. I started […]

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What Did You Win?

Throughout my 35yrs on this earth I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a major emphasis placed on winning. You probably assume I’m just talking about sports, but I’m talking about so much more than sports. Winning is emphasized in schools, jobs and even between groups of friends. You can’t turn on the T.V. […]

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Dad or Coach?

I’ve been playing sports since the age of 6yrs old and my father was my coach until I went to high school. There are numerous benefits of having your father as your coach when you play little league sports, but I’m not sure I experienced all the benefits that people think I might have. Sure […]

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