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Denny J. Roehm

TJ Tyus is an energetic and dynamic speaker who brings a solid message to students. We have taken his “No Excuses, Just Execution” motto as our own. I would highly recommend Mr. Tyus if you are considering a speaker for your school.

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Bonita Pope Cury, PH.D

Pastor T.J. (Anthony) Tyus, Jr. is an incredible motivator. His life experiences and subsequent life lessons render him an effective and powerful example of redemption. His warmth and genuineness are captivating and persons fortunate enough to be impacted by him are moved by his compassion and authenticity.

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Eric Thomas

T.J. is rich with insight, wisdom, and practical techniques that will help take your personal life to another level. It has been a privilege to mentor and watch him develop throughout the years. I am confident you will be challenged to grow and inspired to unleash the power within.

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